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Minghua Junior High School is a relatively new school, founded less than a decade ago. Back in 1991, the city realized that steady population growth in the northern part of Gushan District meant that a new school was needed to serve solely the Mingcheng and Longzih Villages. In 2002, the city officially established Minghua Junior High, using a temporary campus based at Dayi junior High School and enrolling an initial seven classes for the first year. The following year, construction on the new campus was finished. On July 1, 2003, Minghua moved into its new home on Mingcheng Road, and the number of classes doubled to fifteen.

From these early years, the school today, for the 2010/ 2011 academic year, has grown to have 54 classes-18 seventh grade, 18 eighth grade and 18 ninth grade classes- with a total of 1900 students and around 130 teachers and staff.

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