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School Emblem
Our school emblem is the flower of the coral tree (Erythrina variegata L.). The tree blossoms in spring, adorned with large orange-red flowers. The flower stem and tree branches are covered in small prickles. This type of coral tree is native and unique to southern Taiwan. Hundreds of years ago, the indigenous Taiwan people uesed the trees’ flowering to calculate each new year, and also to help them know the proper times for the fishing season and the cultivation of the rice and sweet potatoes.

Minghua choose the coral tree flower as its emblem to symbolize the spirit of energy and enthusiasm among its student body. Just as the coral flower blooms are bright and beautiful, so are Minghua’s students bright and vibrant, bursting with excitement for life and learning.

An ancient maxim describes how the coral tree changes with seasons:
Splendid in spring, flourishing in summer.
Golden in autumn , strong in winter.
We believe this maxim epitomizes the spirit of our school.

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